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What we're all about

The short answer is Jesus! We're all about loving, proclaiming and serving Jesus as a community of believers, and then seeking opportunities to bless our Valley because of Him.


If you spend much time with us you'll hear us mention the "Four Pillars" that our ministry is built on. These pillars are not some catchy system we've come up with, rather they come from the most critical message Jesus taught His disciples.


Love God

Everything we do, we do because of our love for God.

Because we love Him, we want to worship Him, know Him, obey Him, and serve Him.


Love People

Because we love God, we love people.

We want to bless, encourage and strengthen people in our church, community and world.


​Preach the​​​​​ Gospel

The Bible's central message is the cross. It's our central message as well.

We find the answer for our soul searching in the heart of the Gospel.


Make Disciples

​​God calls us to draw closer to him and to bring others with us.


We strive to build people up as they journey towards knowing and following Jesus deeper each year.


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