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Our Ministries

Community Groups

Community Groups are the life blood of our church. We believe that church is much bigger than just Sunday gatherings and extends into every aspect of our lives. We share life together in these settings, have meals, discuss God's Word, pray for one another and  laugh. The Gospel is best realized in the context of community.

If you'd like more information about one of these groups you can email us and we'd love to talk to you!

Childcare and Children's Church

The Children's Ministry of Confluence Church exists to come alongside parents in training their children to love God, love people, preach the Gospel and make disciples. We aim to serve parents by creating a safe and loving environment for their children to be while they attend our services. We aim to serve the children by caring for them and teaching them to know, love, obey and serve the Lord Jesus.

By God's grace we seek to truly minister to, rather than babysit, the children that come through our doors. Because Jesus loves children so much, we want to serve them well.

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